Fort Worth Chamber Of Commerce Looking At Comprehensive Plan To Grow

Update: Fort Worth

Economic growth is always going to be a concern for a city whether they are struggling in a recession economy or want to push forward even harder during an economic boom to expand and prosper. The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce has recently released an extremely ambitious 4-year plan to foster and encourage growth that isn’t going to help just one part of the city, but is going to lift up the economy in the entire Fort Worth area.

Aside from fostering a strong and unified outreach to bring more companies into the city of Fort Worth, the plan also tackles a wide variety of other issues that are related to being able to encourage growth such as the high (too high) poverty rate, funding education, attracting an educated workforce, creating a better and more efficient transit system, and more.

The Chamber of Commerce has quickly defended their ambitious plan, pointing out that the focus can’t just be on one area. For the entire region to succeed, the entire region has to benefit and by rolling out an ambitious plan that doesn’t just focus on wooing new companies (although that is always a crucial aspect) but also on helping the transit authority find money for their ambitious project to connect the entire area better. Better infrastructure is good for business and good for the pocket books of workers who have freedom of movement.

The four year plan isn’t without its detractors who wonder if it is too ambitious or spends too much time on side issues that won’t directly move the bottom line, but the Chamber is confident that this is the right path and that the full picture approach over the next four years will pay off massive dividends for residents of Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

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